Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble Description

War games are a popular genre of games for gaming enthusiasts. If you are a fan of such games, Tank trouble should be your choice. The game easy and can be enjoyed by people of ages. The main theme of the game is to destroy your enemies before they destroy your tank. The game presents itself like a maze. You have to destroy the enemy’s tanks, watch yourself and prevent the tank from colliding with any obstacles.

The game keeps you entertained for long hours and can be played either by one player or by two or even three players. However, despite the simple set of the game, there are some dicey situations which you have to watch out for. For example, you will have to watch your back and also make sure that you do not corner yourself. If you do so, then, that means that you are giving your enemies a chance to shoot you. You are basically sitting ducks for your enemies to take you down. So you have to watch that with caution.

As you move up the various stages of the game, avoid hitting objects and also take down your enemy’s tanks, you gather up points. The game involves different stages, each bringing a new challenge. Your quest is to complete all the tasks and remain undefeated.

About the game controls, you can check it out by visiting the official game website. Everything will be mentioned properly. Also, check out the various versions of the game.

The game is versatile has caught special attention in the eyes of school goers.