Zombocalypse Description

Zombies are actually something we had heard about in books or even caught slight glimpses of these characters in the various fictional Hollywood movies that we get to see. But there is actually no such proven fact about the existence of zombies on earth or on a planet outside. But yes, this has indeed managed to become a very popular theme for various games that we get to play in the recent times. Zombocalyse is one such game that deals with zombies in general. The game has been given quite an eerie environment as a whole.

The peculiarity of the game lies in the fact that the controls of the game are different for individual players. Let us take a look at the respective control keys:
Player 1

  • Use W to make the first player jump up.
  • Press A to move the player left.
  • Press D to move the player right.
  • Left+Shift can be used for the purpose of Melee
  • Enter is basically used for the purpose of respawning.
  • Press left along with the control key to shoot when required.
Player 2
  • Press up key to make the second player jump
  • Press the left key to make the player move to the left.
  • Press the right key to move the player to the right.
  • The right and the shift key for the purpose of Melee.
  • Use the right key along with the control key to shoot when required.
  • The enter key is specifically pressed for the purpose of respawn.